Que Paso

At Cabo Fish Taco Fresh Food, Great Drinks and Good Times are what’s up.

Imagine yourself driving down a rocky dirt road, with surfboards strapped to the roof, in what appears to be the middle of no where. To your right a bare steer skull. To your left nothing but bone dry desert and cacti. Within minutes the desert opens up to present the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop to a small Mexican fishing village. Driving into the town you see a beautiful beach with perfect six foot-swells rolling in. But before you actually get to the beach you see a small stand and a sign that says, “taco de pescado”. Translation: fish tacos.
You wonder to yourself, what in the world is a fish taco?

Folks traveling through Baja California found that The best fish tacos were first offered in local stands on the side of the road, often run by the Mexican fishermen themselves. Fish tacos were first brought to Southern California by surfers in search of Mexico’s big waves. It didn’t take long before the hand-crafted fresh seafood tacos made their way back to beachfront restaurants in San Diego.

Cabo Fish Taco is the combination of concepts from three completely different people, who share the same idea of what makes a restaurant great. Unlike most Baja styled restaurants, Cabo combines coastal Mexican cuisine with a unique healthy California feel. The food and atmosphere of Cabo is an impeccable infusion of very different styles.