Rosarita Fajitas

Sautéed bell peppers & onions in our unique Kiwi-Teriyaki Fajita Sauce served with rice, mixed cheese, fresh greens, tomato salsa & sour cream. You wrap em’. Chicken 14.50 *Steak 15.25 Shrimp 14.95 Veggie 12.25 add Tofu 2.00

Baja Bowls

A huge taco bowl stuffed with seasoned rice, black beans & sautéed seasonal veggies served with your choice of Grilled: Chicken 14.25 *Steak 15.25  Shrimp 14.95 *Tuna 15.75 *Salmon 15.75 Tofu 11.95

Rasta Pasta

Jerk Chicken & jumbo shrimp tossed with bow-tie pasta, red & green bell peppers, pneapple chunks, squash, zucchini & red onions in a pineapple cream sauce

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